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I went mushroom hunting at the property of the folks I caregive for didn’t find any chanterelles but took some pictures of some interesting fungi.

The top one looks like Russula xerampelina… the yummy, smelly shrimp mushroom :D

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Went hiking on Mary’s Peak today with a friend. There weren’t as many mushrooms as I was hoping there’d be, but the diversity was still awesome! And lichen. So many lichen. But got a few chanterelles and will try them tonight. Never had any, so we’ll see :D

Individual posts with musings after attempts to ID will, of course, be on the proper blog.

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The Battered Wife by HFesbra

In the fantastic realm there are hundreds of dangerous creatures, among them we find the giant spiders. Arachnids that get as big as a tree. Most of them dangerous and aggressive, but at the same time most of them are not a direct threat to humans. But there’s one of them that makes the “big” exception.
The Battered Wife, as originally named. Or “Howleesh”, as called by the common folk. Why? because this creature will destroy your throat before you can say “Holy shit that’s a big ass motherfucking spider”.
The Battered Wife is a spider that chose populated cities as its natural habitat. Thousands of years of refined evolution have created the perfect disguise on which this arachnid can prey on its preferred target. Humans. The Battered Wife as the exact resemblance of a young woman in a long dress with a hood. But that’s not why it’s the most dangerous creature of the alley. It’s because she not only looks like a hurt lady in distress, but can actually act like one. This spider doesn’t talk, but moans exactly as someone that just got stabbed in the stomach. It also recreates the same posture and it shivers as someone scared to death. The Battered Wife is a basic creature with the wits of any other animal. But that little brain has the enough intelligence to use hair and blood from its last victim to get the realism it wants.

The Battered Wife nests in the sewers or abandoned houses, it can live to 30 years and spawn every 6 years hundreds of eggs. This means that one single female can spawn over 3 thousand spiders in its life time. The Battered Wife feeds only on humans and as it grows it eats absolutely nothing until it reaches full maturity and can be able to hunt. In between that, almost all of the little spiders die from other predators or starve before they get to kill anything. So that’s why this hardly gets as a plague and will never become a threat to our specie. The only big problem is (as this b*tch isn’t already one) that its growth is extremely fast. In a few months it can get to full size. And since it hasn’t eaten anything and it’s hungry, it will make the best performance ever in order to eat a full grown man.

The rumor tells that there’s a crazy scientist around that experiments on animals, and one of them was a Battered Wife he altered into a different breed. They call it The Battered Mother in Law. Why? Because the motherf*cker has wings… and flies. But luckly for us, that’s only a story of fiction.

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Oh yeah, I never mentioned that I am employed and such. This is, what, my… fourth week on the job? I think?

Basically, I receive processed plants bits to grind up or plate onto agar filled petri dishes. A few days later I see the plates I streaked dappled in little, colorful bacterial colonies and to be isolated further. We test for fungi too, but however we process them isn’t student work I guess. I also get to make agar, clean dishes, that kinda stuff. It’s pretty cool being a part of a university based business that gets samples in from all kinds of worried farms and nurseries all over the Pacific Northwest.

It was super stressful the first week since I was so slow and couldn’t process samples faster than they came in. I’m still not as fast as I’d like, but I’m not having nightmares anymore, haha. The bosses are super nice and cool too, which helps a lot.

I may even be getting another part time job soon… one that has to do with curating arthropods… we’ll see <:

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My laptop is 5 years old and still trucking. You have no idea how happy that makes me.

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Hahaha. I hate group projects. So much. What could be worse? I’ll tell you. Group projects in online classes.

There’s so much miscommunication. No one knows how to use APA or any kind of citing at all. One of them turned in work that didn’t even consist of full sentences. Just. Why.

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Wow, OSU offers botany degrees a wide array of countries to study abroad in! Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Sweden, South Africa, Madagascar…

But it looks like I’d only be able to afford Canada, haha.

Maybe I’ll just wait until I get a car and just drive up there for less.

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The Contest:

Create an earth sculpture in an area that you like to visit. All of the items must be of natural origin and found in the spot (i.e. You can’t bring outside objects in or purchase natural items for use).  Assemble the items in any manner that you so choose and photograph. Submit ONE photo to me along with any details that you wish to share. If you are unable to share via tumlbr, you may submit to 

On November 1, 2014, I will post all of the entries with the tag FALL EARTH SCULPTURE. Prizes will be awarded based upon the most likes and reblogs (only one per user). Prizes awarded: contest photos, seeds, and/or plant cuttings depending on interest drawn. If you are interested in sharing a prize for contest entrants, let me know!

By submitting their photo, contest entrant acknowledges their photo was taken using objects legally collected. They also give the right to print their photo for contest prizes and promotion, but they retain original copyright.

My earth sculpture:

It includes: Oklahoma flagstone, Mexican beach pebbles, Opuntia engelmannii (Englemann’s prickly pear: dried cladodes and tuna), Cortaderia selloana (Pampas grass: plumes), Sedum kamtschaticum (Russian stonecrop: cutting), Leucophyllum frutescens (Texas sage: foliage), Lavandula species (Lavender: blooms), Bulbine frutescens (Orange bulbine: inflorescence), Hesperaloe parviflora (Texas red yucca: seed, seed coat, dried leaf), Salvia species (blooms), Sempervivum species (Hens and chicks: pups), Yucca pendula (Soft-leafed yucca: dried inflorescence), Mammillaria mystax (Nipple cactus fruit or chilitos), Lagerstroemia species (Crepe myrtle: shed bark), and Festuca species (Fescue grass: runner).

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Challenge accepted.

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I was biking home from school/work today, like usual. There were lots of kids playing in the street, like usual. And, as is customary, when I drove my bike past them, I went thhhbbbpt. I always do. I figured it was an innocent alternative to just ignoring them or staring. 

But today, the kid was a bit older and he got pretty offended. “Stop that!”

He kept repeating that from afar as I got to my door and unlocked it. To another kid somewhat closer by, I asked, “Does that really bother him that bad?” He shrugged. “Well, whatever, I’ll stop.”

A minute later I’m getting my mail out from the post box and  I see the offended kid talking to one of his family members. Curiosity peaked, and I walked over. “Did you call my little brother fat?”

I wonder if she or the kid believed me when I explained myself. Now I can’t stop fretting and hoping that we won’t be egged in the night or something. I dunno. The neighborhood around here seems pretty tight.

I’m certainly more afraid of children than they are of me.

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There’s a Ceratostema cutting for sale on ebay hhhhhhhhhhhhngh

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Ughhhh I’m such a wimp.

I started reading Amityville Horror last night since, weirdly enough, I actually knew nothing about it other than the fact that it’s a classic. So far it’s your standard fare in haunted houses, nothing to get too worked up about… and yet… I still found myself hurrying up the stairs after I turned the lights off! So stupid.

Does anyone have any horror suggestions? I’m always looking for more to read/watch!

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Moss of the Woods Emergency Raffle Fundraiser!

Apologies, but once again I’m making a post about this. I am currently running an emergency raffle of my jewelry in order to replace my camera.

While it may seem frivolous, I need a camera in order to add new items to my shop. Without the ability to update my store, it is only a short matter of time before I am no longer able to make sales, and thus, no longer able to feed myself or buy groceries. My Etsy is my primary income.

I’m asking for just five dollars from less than a hundred of my followers. My goal is 550 dollars (the goal needs to be a little high to compensate for fees taken by Gofundme), but even at the $300-$400 range I can start looking at used and second hand options.

I will be drawing five names for the raffle. This means you have, at a minimum, a 1 in 15 chance of winning if you donate at this point, and those odds will likely go up.

Winners will have a choice of any pendant out of my shop, or a custom piece of their choice. In addition, all backers will receive a hand written thank you card, with naturey goodies unless otherwise requested.

I am accepting payment both through Gofundme, or through the Paypal link on my blog if you prefer.

Lastly, all backers who include their Tumblr url will be given a shoutout at the end of the campaign.

If you’re unable to donate, I would be extremely grateful if you could reblog this. Thank you all again, so much.

Spread this like wildfire!!

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