I am not really a sheep but this is really my journal. I doodle sometimes and other times I make proper journal entries. I also post plenty of pictures of my plants, which is only proper seeing as I'm a botany major. Everything goes here because it's all part of my personal history, right?

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wow would you look at that sheep

That sure is a sheep, alright.

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speaking of commissions, i have a model set up, too. the only thing preventing me from posting it is that i don’t have any example pics lol. so only super secret cool ppl know of it and get to buy something.

I’m waiting right now for my buddy weird-sheep to respond, so have a quick sketch of her character!


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9 x 12 inches of beautiful watercolour artwork of the Dashcon 2014 Ballpit. Never forget it with this stunning new age classic. Painted on Strathmore watercolour paper.

Buy It Now! Price: $17,000

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Shiki is a pretty good horror anime. It starts off kinda slow and you can’t help but think, “She’s the main character…? This is gunna suuuuuuuck.” and “Their hair…. what? Their clothes…. whaaaat?” But those worries are assuaged quickly enough. 

It’s worth staying and watching. It gets better as it goes. 

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We found the perfect house with the perfect size room and the walls were painted a deep, refreshing blue.

But nobody likes couples.

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It’s been a while since I’ve felt my heart beating like this! Okay, let’s get some discussion going!

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goatprinceregardless of the other points, i’d like to mention that it’s always seemed kind of silly to have a ‘tumblr’ person to represent the website. i don’t know why people do this when they don’t for facebook or other sites.

friendlycloud: I have never seen anyone on Tumblr say anything like that. Dishonest and inauthentic to pretend it is the whole of Tumblr then (which is what that picture tries to imply). You raise good questions, but using that picture makes it look like a smear campaign.

It kinda seems like a face-desk moment now. It actually may be the killing blow to my post having any validity to some people. It would have been much safer and somehow more accurate to have just given him eyes rather than a name. Obviously I could have written “SJW” on there too, but it would have been just as inaccurate. I could say, “Obviously not everyone on tumblr is like this, I’m just venting!” but that’s another level or irony that I’d rather not enter. No, it would have been a much better idea to not identify that strawman as anyone in particular since everyone would know who I was talking about anyway. To address friendlycloud in particular, I’d say that you’re fortunate to be in a corner of tumblr that doesn’t have this. If you want to see any of it, I’d suggest visiting #kill all men

lilyvonpseudonym (I can’t tag them? Blocked maybe?)

"It’s not meant to be."

It IS. I don’t care what you meant it to be. It is patronizing. I don’t know how you have the balls to accuse anyone of intellectual dishonesty, of not “acting authentically,” when you can say that.

And I am getting fucking sick and tired of people like you talking about how marginalized, abused, oppressed people are REALLY the big evil bullies on tumblr. 

I get it. You don’t like feeling like anyone could dislike you because of your race, your sexuality, your gender identity. Trust me. The people you are talking to KNOW how that feels. They know it BETTER than you. They don’t get it from members of oppressed minorities that are venting on the internet; they get it from people who victimize them, brutalize them, marginalize them, and then pretend they haven’t done a thing.

"How do you react when someone proves you wrong?" Maybe YOU should be answering this question on behalf of cis het white males everywhere, because every day, I have to struggle to convince them that these issues exist and that they matter. And whenever I make my best arguments, a post like this comes around. Telling them we’re the problem. Telling them we’re just intolerant and upset. Telling them it is OUR responsibility to be polite, kind little flowers. That our rage is inherently invalid. 

Your tone arguments empower those who hurt us and tell them it’s okay not to listen. 

People deserve a space to vent. I don’t approve of ANYONE telling ANYONE to commit suicide, but I also don’t approve of people like the OP telling marginalized, silenced, angry people to shut up. Especially when you only care because for once, it’s the oppressor group that’s facing the tiniest bit of anger.

So here, let me boil your entire argument down to a bullet point for you. 

You want to fix this issue, start telling the other side to ignore the insults and pay attention to the arguments. You know, like everyone has been telling the rest of us for centuries. 

i am not going to bother responding to responses to thisso please don’t waste your time,fandomsandfeminismalsosorry yaoiwe’re done.

I’m not saying that marginalized people are bullies, I’m saying that people who act like this are going a bit far and are being hypocritical. Besides, I kinda doubt everyone who acts like this is part of a minority of some sort.

I don’t mind personally if people dislike me because I’m [etc], I was bringing up the point of how valid that is while arguing/debating if you actually want to get somewhere with a discussion.

I can’t answer anything on behalf of anyone other than myself. I’m not saying that “you’re” the problem, but that this is a problem. The success of a movement depends on the movement’s reputation among the general populace. If people think you’re all jerks, they’re less willing to hear what you have to say. Besides, why not be polite? I always think about MLK Jr. when this comes up. Nonaggression works.

I was worried about the tone, which is why I put that note in the bottom. But even if it had been a video and you could hear my voice, the interpretation of my tone would still be subjective.

I don’t get the venting thing. Tumblr can’t be both a private, safe place to vent AND a community. A safe place to vent probably is not where random people can interject at any moment. You’re not in a vacuum here. Unless your page requires a password, of course. But I’m not telling anyone to shut up, just to ask themselves a few questions before they speak. And I care because it’s pretty hypocritical. “Don’t hate on [group] just because they’re [group]!” Get me? And lol at “tiniest bit of anger”. You shouldn’t play its effect on people down. What you say matters, right?

And to the last paragraph: obviously it takes effort from both sides. I mean, if there are sides. But it’s in the best interest of a movement to present themselves as the “bigger man” as the saying goes, that way it really invalidates whatever the opponents are saying cuz you’re such a good guy, yknow?

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Plant People (& etc)!

Remember, if you don’t want to see posts about things that aren’t nature, there’s a blog for that. I know how painful it can be when an otherwise cool blog posts stuff that just exhausts you, so it’s there just for you. 

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And now that your attention is down here, I wanna say this: Please just hear me out. I just want to ask you a few questions and perhaps encourage a little bit of introspection, even if you disagree with me! I’ll try to stay succinct. (Haha)

Please don’t imagine my tone of voice to be patronizing. It’s not meant to be. I earnestly just think that a little bit of questioning is in order every now and again, just to make sure we’re all acting authentically!

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BugGuide has informed me that the awesome butterfly I found this morning is a Celastrina… I don’t know how they did it. I got the family right, but past that… how? Maybe their spots aren’t variable, but what if they are? I…?

And now that I know that there are plenty of blue butterflies that look plenty like Fender’s Blue Butterfly, I don’t know how I’ll separate them! I guess as long as I’m not anywhere near their usual location I should be fine, but…

How do. Anyone have any bug ID guide recommendations?

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An interesting day to be sure!

Our interview of the day recently had a friend ask him to room with them, so we had to strike him off of the potential-roommate list. We luckily were able to have our 2nd in line have a small interview with us tonight instead and she seems pretty alright! Although obviously it’s hard to tell much so quickly. Should know by Thursday whether she’ll room with us, so fingers are crossed!

Although, honestly, I still feel a little sad that none of our friends could come with us because this would be so much less frightening!

Oh well though. On to finding jobs!

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Today was a day. Phew!

Got called into work suddenly for a bit, though that wasn’t bad at all. And on a whim, went with Colin’s sister to the local tabletop gaming night at the library, which was nice as well.

Put out a roommate wanted ad on craigslist yesterday and already have four people replying! Although one I have about 14 emails from already and has now dropped off the list since it’s not really looking like we’d jive together very well… So many emails x__x way too fast. Will be talking with a different one tomorrow in a phone interview, so hopefully it’ll go well.

Things are happening, and it’s very excited!!

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So, Proven Winners has a scholarship program for students studying horticulture and related fields. If you fit the requirements, I say definitely apply!

I dunno if botany is closely related enough to horticulture, but it’s definitely less shameless than biology… so I’m gunna give it a shot too.

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